Hamilton Law Reviews & Ratings

We recommend her without reservation

Our first work with Ean Hamilton was to draw up a prenuptial agreement for two sixty-somethings. Needless to say, the details were complicated with multiple properties and many offspring. She listened well to the subtleties and offered multiple options to help us clarify in our own minds what it was that we wanted. She offered several drafts so we could see our thoughts on paper and recognize when we were over- or understating matters. In the end, we had confidence that we had addressed the appropriate issues and that the document we had drawn clearly described our wishes. Ean handled the various components with grace and professionalism and made what could have been an awkward, tension-fraught experience smooth and efficient. Our next project with Ean involved a three-party real estate transaction with some documents missing and connection between the parties obscure. Again, Ean monitored the various issues and personalities with a steady hand and brought all stakeholders to the table without trauma or confusion. Her talent for identifying potential challenges and addressing them ahead of time is a particular strength of Ean's. Her handling of the various governmental entities required in this transaction are a good example of her skills. We will happily use Ean's services whenever any new legal project arises. We recommend her without reservation. Sincerely, Anthony Sherer Janet Crawford

– Anthony S.