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Employment Law in Southwest Michigan

You have the right to file suit when state or federal employment laws are violated and the aftermath is detrimental to your well-being. The attorneys of Hamilton Law, PLC in Kalamazoo are aggressive advocates for employees' rights throughout Southwest Michigan. Our lawyers are knowledgeable in state and federal laws protecting workers from unfair employment practices and we have the skills needed to pursue justice in court or at the negotiation table.

Mistreated Workers in Southwest Michigan

Under Michigan law, it is illegal to base an employment decision or workplace treatment on an individual's religion, race, color, national origin, age, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity), marital status, disability, or genetic makeup. Each of these categories is considered to be a protected class. Federal law also prohibits discrimination for many of these categories.

Nonetheless, discriminatory actions in violation of the law can and do occur, including:

  • Harassment — An employee may face harassment by means of unwelcome sexual advances or other verbal or physical conduct or communication-related to the employee's protected class. Harassment may also be in the form of a hostile workplace, which means conduct so severe and pervasive that it becomes intolerable.
  • Unfair payment — Payment of employees cannot be influenced by their race, gender or other personal characteristics. Employers who do not provide equal pay for equal work may be liable for back pay as well as penalties. In addition, employers are bound by state and federal wage and hour laws.
  • Failure to hire or promote — If hiring and promotion seem to favor or disfavor employees based on factors unrelated to their job qualifications, there may be grounds for a discrimination lawsuit.
  • Retaliation — Under federal law, an employer cannot retaliate against an employee for reporting discrimination or harassment, requesting disability accommodation, asking colleagues about salary information, acting as a whistleblower, assisting in a discrimination investigation, or otherwise asserting their legal rights.
  • Wrongful termination — Although Michigan is an at-will employment state, there are limits to an employer's general right to discharge a worker for any reason. Discrimination, retaliation, breach of contract, and violation of Michigan public policy are among the possible grounds for a wrongful termination claim, which may require an employer to pay damages for lost wages and other resulting harm.

When you enlist our services, we will work tirelessly in pursuit of the best possible resolution of the employment problem you are facing.

Awards and Settlements in Michigan

If you believe you have been a victim of unlawful discrimination, you have the right to file a complaint with the Michigan Department of Civil Rights or the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. As your counsel, we will assist you in holding your employer accountable for the harm you have suffered. Through settlement negotiations or a lawsuit, we will assert your right to lost wages and other damages to which you may be entitled, as well as to the costs and legal fees involved. The time limit for filing an employment discrimination claim in Michigan is 180 days, so it is important to speak with an attorney as soon as possible after discovering you have been mistreated at work. 

Labor Issues in Kalamazoo Michigan

As labor law attorneys, we represent management in such matters as workplace safety violations, unfair labor practices, collective bargaining, or union avoidance. We can assist in negotiations and protect a company's best interests in mediation and arbitration sessions, during courtroom proceedings, or in appellate court hearings.

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