Skillful Kalamazoo Power of Attorney Lawyer Protects Clients

Michigan firm creates documents to address needs if you become incapacitated

Effective estate planning gives legal force to an individual’s intentions while protecting family members from unnecessary confusion and cost. Even if someone has not died, situations can arise that put their loved ones in a difficult position. Hamilton Law, PLC is a Kalamazoo firm that assists clients in Southwest Michigan by creating power of attorney documents and other legal instruments that enable them to maintain control over critical matters that affect them. When you name trustworthy individuals to handle financial matters and healthcare choices, you do not have to worry about having your preferences honored if you cannot express them.

Proven adviser helps people name trusted individuals to handle key matters

As wills and trusts are used by many people to direct how assets should be distributed upon their death, a durable power of attorney will place matters into the hands of someone you trust in case you are incapacitated and unable to communicate your wishes. Our firm prepares a full range of these authorizations that can cover:

  • Financial matters — Taxes and other required payments don’t stop just because you are suffering from a serious injury or illness. With a durable power of attorney, you can establish firm plans to address how finances should be handled so that important obligations are not missed.
  • Designation of healthcare advocate — A medical crisis places enormous stress on a patient’s family members. If confusion exists about who is authorized to make important decisions regarding treatment, this situation can be even worse. By designating a patient advocate in advance, you can be sure that someone you trust is in charge of medical choices.
  • Living will terms — Everyone deserves to make critical end-of-life decisions for themselves. We give Michigan residents the power to do this by developing living wills that state what type of life-sustaining procedures you want, and don’t want, if you are in a terminal condition and cannot communicate your wishes.

With years of experience handling estate planning and probate matters, as well as other complex legal challenges, attorney Hamilton Law, PLC drafts power of attorney documents that clearly declare where the responsibility lies in specific situations.  

Knowledgeable advocate works to establish guardianship authority

Adult guardianship can be established when a man or woman is declared incapacitated. This means that they can no longer meet their personal needs according to the probate court. If previous arrangements, such as a durable power of attorney, are not in place, someone who seeks to serve as guardian must file a petition requesting legal authority to act on behalf of the incapacitated person. During this process, a guardian ad litem meets with the proposed ward to assess their competence and feelings about the potential guardianship. From there, a hearing is held where we will advocate for a positive resolution.

Compassionate attorney assists with conservatorship petitions

When someone believes that another person is no longer capable of managing their property appropriately, they may petition for conservatorship in the probate court of the county where the subject of the proceeding resides. A person who thinks they might need to transfer control of their financial matters to a trusted individual can also initiate the conservatorship process voluntarily. Our firm makes sure that the relevant parties, such as potential heirs, are notified in these cases and represents clients during court hearings so that judges are aware of the relevant circumstances. 

Contact a reliable Michigan lawyer for a free consultation about a power of attorney

Hamilton Law, PLC counsels Southwest Michigan clients on power of attorney documents as well as guardianship and conservatorship arrangements. For a free consultation regarding your situation, please call 269-488-8394 or contact us online. We are located in Kalamazoo.