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A Fresh Look At Contracts

Posted by Philip E. Hamilton, Esq. | Feb 06, 2023 | 0 Comments

At Hamilton Law, PLC, we have significant experience working with contracts. When you have a command over properly drafting and understanding how to read contracts, it doesn't matter if they are for employment purposes, a transaction, or whether they are attached to a large or small business. The essential elements of a contract will carry over regardless of how they are applied.

For instance, you should realize you have more interactions and familiarity with contracts than you give yourself credit. You likely sign a service contract whenever someone comes to your house to repair something. Have you ever loaned someone money and asked for it to be returned in a designated amount of time? That's an example of an oral contract. Although real estate contracts have to be written, many others do not.

Document Everything!

It is always preferable to have something in writing, even something as simple as a text message. Oral contracts can be enforceable, but they are often rooted in a contentious battle of He Said/She Said. Your attorney will look for things to back up your claims when that happens. This may also require several documents to paint the entire picture. Think back to the oral agreement about loaning your friend some money. Whereas Venmo may show that the money was transferred, it doesn't prove what it was for or what the agreement was.

There Are Stipulations To Follow

Contracts govern many components of our lives. Consider the person who purchases a dog from a breeder, but after several weeks, you and the dog are not working out. You want the dog to find an owner better suited for his temperament, but what are your options? Can you give the dog back? That depends on the terms of the contract and the terms of the release. These are the details you need to be aware of before purchasing something.

There may be times when you are engaged in a contract, but are unaware of it. Going to a professional sporting event is a prime example of this. Next time you attend one, look at the back of the physical ticket or read the fine print of a digital one. There will be rules about how you must behave, and there may be something about how your picture can be used and posted if one is taken of you at the event.

Why Are Contracts Sneaky?

Stop being nervous! You use contracts all the time. Plane tickets are contracts, and we sign when we buy cell phones. Do you need an attorney every time you buy a new plan? No! Contracts come down to time and money. If either is substantial, have an attorney review it.

There are scenarios where well-written contracts don't give you the protection you expected because they weren't appropriately signed! Our point today is that you don't need to be weary or scared of contracts because you use them a lot in your life. Additionally, as soon as you discover that they involve large amounts of money or time, get in touch with us so we can support and advise you. Get in touch with Hamilton Law, to schedule your free consultation.

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