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There are many reasons why people hesitate to prepare a will, but with strong support from an established estate planning lawyer, you can fulfill this important responsibility while avoiding undue stress and expense. At Hamilton Law in Kalamazoo, firm founder Ean Hamilton offers personalized counsel to individuals and families, regardless of what their goals might be. After a thorough analysis of your circumstances and needs, we can draft a clear, enforceable document that transfers property according to your wishes and minimizes the potential for confusion or conflicts. We know that preparing a will isn't just a legal matter, but a process that can raise serious questions and heartfelt emotions. At every stage of our work together, you can rely on us for knowledgeable, compassionate counsel.

Testamentary Documents 

An effective will serves as the cornerstone of an effective estate planning strategy. Our personal approach to these issues ensures that you can create the legacy that you want as we advise on pertinent matters such as:

  • Intestacy — If a Michigan resident dies without a written will, his or her assets will be distributed according to the state's intestacy laws, no matter what wishes they expressed verbally. This means that certain family members will receive the decedent's property based on the priority system set by statute. Each member within a given group shares the inheritance equally, so if the person's two siblings are the closest relatives based on the statute, both would get the same amount even if the decedent were estranged from one.
  • Legal requirements — To draft a legally enforceable last will and testament in Michigan, the testator must be at least 18 years old and of sound mind. Two witnesses must also sign the document, attesting to the validity of the testator's signature.
  • Drafting and revisions — In addition to allocating assets according to your specifications, we'll make sure that the text of your will is as clear as possible to minimize the likelihood of probate problems. Moreover, our firm can assist with specific bequests such as a cherished personal items or funding to support a charitable cause. If you already have a will but have not reviewed it in a while, we can analyze it and make any revisions necessary that you believe should be implemented.

By thoroughly understanding what you want to accomplish, our firm helps establish wills, trusts, and power of attorney documents that give you and your family the peace of mind you're entitled to.

Parents Looking to Name a Guardian

Every parent of a minor son or daughter should designate a trustworthy individual to serve as guardian in the event that a tragedy occurs and the child is orphaned. Though courts always have the authority to overrule a parental choice if they feel it is in the young person's best interests, great weight is given to the wishes of mothers and fathers. Accordingly, it's important to review potential guardians carefully and draft language that clearly specifies any conditions or requests you have regarding your children's upbringing. We provide compassionate assistance in these matters and can also help with related financial arrangements if you choose to make them.

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Hamilton Law works on behalf of Southwest Michigan clients to draft, revise and enforce wills. If you seek assistance with a will or any other estate planning matter, please call 269-488-8394 or contact us online. We offer a free initial estate planning consultation at our Kalamazoo office. Our office is available for in-person appointments. We also offer virtual telephone consultations and appointments.