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Establishing a trust may not be the first option you think of when considering your estate planning options, but these legal instruments might help you accomplish key objectives. Our Kalamazoo firm, Hamilton Law, delivers comprehensive advice on matters relating to trusts and estates. Regardless of your particular goals, we can show you how trusts, wills, and power of attorney documents can put you and your family in a solid position going forward. Once a trust is created, our firm also handles administration matters so that the instructions in the document are carried out faithfully and disputes are dealt with immediately.

Trust Creation and Administration in Michigan

Whether you're looking to use a trust as an estate-planning device to complement your will or have another objective, such as tax avoidance, our firm offers thorough counsel regarding your options and assists with:

  • Trust creation — It doesn't matter if you seek to establish a trust in order to fund a charitable cause, minimize your tax burden, direct how funds you provide should be spent, or achieve some other objective. From start to finish, our firm explains the legal aspects of the trust, drafts clear and enforceable language, and helps you prepare for contingencies that might arise while the trust is active.
  • Living trusts — Many people place their assets into a living trust so that they can access what they've accumulated throughout their lifetime and then pass those assets to beneficiaries upon their death outside of the probate process. If you think this might benefit you and your loved ones, we can help set one up.
  • Trust administration — For all types of trusts, we handle a full range of administrative tasks, such as advocacy in court proceedings, communication with beneficiaries, and payment of expenses. This includes representing clients who were appointed as successor trustees after the person who created a living trust has died. In these cases, court-managed administration is usually not necessary.

Our firm advises Southwest Michigan clients on a wide array of trust concerns as well as probate matters and power of attorney documents. In any situation, we have the knowledge, skill, and sensitivity to steering you toward the right solution.

Trustees And Beneficiaries Disputes in Southwest Michigan

Trustees have a legal responsibility to carry out their duties in strict accordance with the terms set by the trust creator. If a breach occurs, the trustee could be removed from their position and held legally liable for any loss incurred as a result of their actions. We help trustees interpret confusing language so they can avoid unnecessary challenges from beneficiaries. When disputes do arise relating to an alleged fiduciary breach, undue influence, lack of capacity or some other concern, we provide strong advocacy on behalf of both trustees and challengers.

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