Pricing Guide

Pre-Memorial Service Package: $3,500 Post-Memorial Service Package: $,500
Locate original estate planning documents Notify the Social Security Administration (SSA), credit reporting agencies (credit freezing), and other institutions of the death.
Coordinate arrangement for minors and pets Cancel recurring services (utilities, maintenance, subscriptions), driver's license, credit cards
Provide a list of funeral homes or burial sites Recover other certified documents as needed (marriage certificates)
Provide a referral list for repass/post-funeral gathering venues Submit death certificates to SS offices, insurance companies, and other institutions 
Coordinate and provide a referral list for flowers Forward mail
Coordinate payment for internment and monument engravement Track down assets for clients
Gather information regarding assets, including life insurance and real property Coordinate and provide recommendations to the CPA, insurance companies, and financial advisers
Provide guidance for obituary drafting Determine the necessity of probate
Determine Veteran assistance with arrangements, if applicable Record beneficiary deeds, if applicable
Assist in the search for missing loved ones Assist with determining next steps for assuming mortgage or other debts
Inform the employer (HR) of the death, determine if there is a death benefit, and obtain the last paycheck Assist with transferring vehicle title to heirs

Pre-memorial & Post-Memorial Package- $7,000 

*If probate is necessary, 50% of post memorial fee will be applied to probate fees.