Estate Planning

Estate Planning in Southwest Michigan

As you evaluate the various estate planning options that exist, it's important to get insight from a qualified professional whose knowledge goes beyond that available in an online form. Our firm, Hamilton Law develops complete, effective solutions for Southwest Michigan clients no matter how complicated their situation might seem. We help individuals and families understand the potential benefits of wills, trusts and other ways to transform your wishes into legal directives that your loved ones can count on.


A last will and testament is a legal document that defines what a deceased person's wishes are in regard to his or her property. Whatever your vision might be, we provide knowledgeable counsel on all aspects of testamentary documents, including:

  • Drafting — By listening closely to you and drawing on our years of experience, our firm will draft a last will and testament that accurately reflects your intentions and serves as a lasting tribute to your values.
  • Revisions — Careful estate planning requires frequent review to ensure that your will still reflects your intentions and circumstances. If changes have occurred, we take the steps you need to prepare a suitable codicil or redraft the will itself.
  • Estate tax issues — Michigan residents who are planning how to transfer their assets upon death no longer have to worry about a state inheritance or estate tax. Federal taxes only apply if the estate's value exceeds $11.7 million. However, even if you don't meet this threshold, there may be concerns about taxes an estate or heir might have to pay on property, such as a home the decedent owned. We'll answer all your questions and help you avoid unnecessary penalties.

Creating a will is a selfless act that takes courage and vision for the future. As the saying goes, “those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” By creating a sound estate plan, you establish control over what will happen after you're gone and make a difficult situation much easier for your loved ones.

Development and Enforcement Of Trusts

Our firm uses a wide range of estate planning instruments, including trusts, to help Southwest Michigan clients achieve their goals. As part of our overall analysis of goals and wishes, we'll explain how a Trust can control how assets can be held for minor or other beneficiaries or how assets can be set aside for a special needs beneficiary. You might benefit from a living trust that allows individuals to enjoy what they own for the remainder of their lives while saving their beneficiaries from the probate process. For trusts that have already been created, our firm handles administration matters as well as disputes that might arise.

Power of Attorney Documents and Advance Directives

When making arrangements for your family's future, incapacity planning documents, such as powers of attorney, should not be overlooked. In addition to living wills that address whether you choose to get certain life-sustaining procedures, we draft documents that address personal care and financial responsibility in the event of a debilitating injury or illness. With so many adults experiencing mental deficiencies associated with living longer, these arrangements have become much more important. We will walk you through this oftentimes difficult conversation and make sure that you have the documents that you need in place in the event of incapacity.

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Hamilton Law assists Southwest Michigan residents on a complete array of estate planning concerns, including the creation of wills, trusts, and power of attorney documents. Please call 269-488-8394 or contact us online to arrange a free estate planning consultation at our Kalamazoo office. Our office is available for in-person appointments. We also offer virtual telephone consultations and appointments.