Uncontested Probate Details

We understand that dealing with probate matters can be stressful and overwhelming, which is why we have put together a comprehensive package that includes everything necessary to handle an uncontested probate case.

Our pricing includes filing fees, postage fees, drafting probate documents, communication with interested parties and a personal representative, inventory, check-in calls after the appointment, notice to creditors and friend of the court, serving interested parties, correspondence with the probate court, as well as phone and email correspondence with attorneys and paralegals.

Services Included:

  • Filing fees
  • Postage fees
  • Drafting probate documents and filing with the court
  • Communications with interested parties
  • Communications with the personal representative
  • Inventory
  • Check-in call after the appointment
  • Notice to creditors
  • Notice to the friend of the court
  • Serving interested parties
  • Correspondence with the probate court
  • Phone and email correspondence with attorneys and paralegals